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Outstanding Customer Service - Cout De La Liberte

"All is well thanks to Spring Systems! The service is great, and easy to use! Whenever I call the office my questions are immediately answered, and any problems I may have are addressed. We are very happy with our partnership!"

Nancy G.
Client Services Representative 
Cout de La Liberte

The Client

  • Cout De La Liberte is a men’s and women’s luxury fashion brand based in Los Angeles.
  • They offer a collection of one-of-a-kind clothing pieces for anyone with an adventurous and playful fashion sense.
  • Since the launch in 2020 it has since grown into a collection for artists, musicians, athletes and extraordinary ordinary people around the world.

The Challenge

Cout De La Liberte had an opportunity to do business with a large retailer, Neiman Marcus. In order to participate in this partnership they needed to become EDI compliant. This was a complication for Cout De La Liberte because they had never used this technology before. They needed direct assistance with the new implementation of EDI in their business. 

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Spring Systems has provided EDI services and expertise since 1996, giving the wholesale industry an effective, automated way of doing business with major retailers.


  • Cout De La Liberte got in touch with Spring Systems to explain their situation, and express their need for assistance.
  • Luckily Spring Systems already does business with Neiman Marcus and the Setup team was able to quickly get Cout De La Liberte live to receive the orders.
  • The Spring Systems support team was available every step of the way ensuring prompt responses and solutions to anything that arose during the process.



  • Coute De La Liberte went live and began receiving orders from Neiman Marcus.
  • Now that they are confident in how EDI works, Coute De La Liberte is able to look for more trading partners to connect and do business with.


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