Case Studies

Why Choosing Spring First is the Right Choice

An outerwear importer was struggling to process their EDI orders through a 3rd party EDI service provider. This particular service didn’t print labels for the client as an option; putting all the pressure on the company’s office staff.  The labels had to be made overseas at the factory level and the standard format to produce them was very labor intensive and at times the actual label data was incorrect. This caused all types of stress and delays.


They found that navigating through the EDI portal to get their day to day work done was not easy especially without real instructions available. When they found themselves needing customer support they had to log in a ticket request, have someone call back and then had to be directed to the special department that handled that particular part of the process. This service could take up to 3 days, and during the most critical period of the shipping window.

When they asked eSpring Deluxe services to step in we immediately started by taking over the remote labeling process, and were able to produce consistent labels easily printed at the overseas factory. Using eSpring Web also proved much more intuitive than the previous EDI provider's, giving the ability to process any order quickly and easily. Spring provides a “white glove” customer support that is personal, making each user feel like they are the only customer. No job tickets, no need for call backs they provide immediate response over the phone.

“It was like night and day the difference not only in service but customer satisfaction. They rolled up their sleeves and took over the same day. The transition from one provider to another was seamless and we had customer support every day until we were confident that we can do it on our own. This is the type of EDI service you can depend on, so you can focus growing your business.”   

Corey Baggett
Director of Operations
Amerimade Coat Inc.



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