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Integrated Service

PortalApp can link your ERP and WMS with your EDI and webstore orders.   (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning (system).  WMS = Warehouse Management System)

Inefficient operations can lead to complaints, delays, inaccuracies, high operational costs.  Multiply this a hundredfold with direct to consumer (D2C) shipping.  Low margin per order demands efficiency speed and accuracy.  Improve your operational efficiency and accuracy with our “Integrated Service”. 

PortalApp Integrated Services can link directly into other back end business and warehouse systems.   Transactions flow automatically between systems, from your retail customer into your company and off to other partners such as your third party warehouse (3PL).

Spring Systems provides a webservice API system with numerous endpoints query, send and/or receive your transactional data.  Endpoints include get order, send order, get shipment, send shipment, get invoice, send invoice, get inventory send inventory, etc.  Other transactions include inventory, product catalog, factory shipping/receiving and more.

While Webservice API is our preferred method of integration we also use file based approaches relying on AS2 and FTP for data transfer.

Our Webservice API can easily toggle between JSON and XML formats.  The Spring default data structure is provided out of the box but can also be customized to meet your system’s needs.   Other formats include EDI, XML, CSV, and custom delimited formats.

Spring Portalapp offers many pre-build integrations to various packaged systems and the ability to build more.   Just ask Integration man “...He can integrate with anything!” 


Need integration formats and documntation?  Learn more about how to get started.


Since 2002 we have provided a vital link between Retailers, Vendors and the many Trading Partners that make up the supply chain. Our unique combination of Web Self-Service, Full Service and Integrated Service enables us to provide solutions for any vendor no matter the size of their organization or budget.

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