Sales taxes in Canada

PortalApp will automatically apply Canadian sales tax such as GST, HST, PST, QST and/or RST to appropriate invoices.

With this feature turned on, when you process an invoice in PortalApp for a Canadian retailer, you will see Allowances and Charges applied to your invoice to represent these taxes (when applicable).  You always have the option to add or edit these manually.

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  • Most allowances and charges are applied to the gross invoice amount.  These taxes however are applied to the net invoice amount, e.g. after other allowances or charges are applied.
  • If a shipment has a 'ship pay method' equal to prepaid (pp) then the system assumes that the seller is paying for shipping and therefor owns the goods until delivery. Accordingly the delivery address, (the ship to zip code) is used to calculate these taxes.  All other shipments are assumed that the retailer (purchaser) is paying for shipping and therefore ownership is transferred at the originating address and accordingly the ship from zip code is used to calcualte these taxes.

Tax Table:

Province, territory or region First character of the postal code Type Percent
Alberta T GST 5%
British Columbia V GST 5%
British Columbia V PST 7%
Central Ontario L HST 13%
Eastern Ontario K HST 13%
Eastern Quebec G GST 5%
Eastern Quebec G QST 9.75%
Manitoba R GST 5%
Manitoba R RST 7%
Metropolitan Toronto M HST 13%
Metropolitan Montréal (Quebec) H GST 5%
Metropolitan Montréal (Quebec) H GST 9.75%
New Brunswick E HST 15%
Newfoundland and Labrador A HST 15%
Northern Ontario P HST 13%
Northwest Territories and Nunavut X GST 5%
Nova Scotia B HST 15%
Prince Edward Island C HST 15%
Saskatchewan S GST 5%
Saskatchewan S PST 6%
Southwestern Ontario N HST 13%
Western Quebec J GST 5%
Western Quebec J GST 9.75%
Yukon Y GST 5%

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