Need RFID?

Supplier Solutions

RFID tags are on the horizon! Wal-Mart has them out in full force, Macy’s mandated them, and now Saks is drawing plans. It won’t be long before every major retailer requires that RFID technology be incorporated into their labels & tags.

RFID presents strong benefits to both vendor and retailer. The technology offers the ability to identify items in a mixed shipment, provide real-time inventory tracking, and immediate theft notification. And when major retailers are focused on a new industry standard, there’s no getting away from implementation!

Are You Prepared?

Spring Systems is up and running with RFID solutions. Our experienced team is up to speed on the latest technology and requirements involved in producing RFID tags & labels, and we’re already in production with many clients.

Just like our other printing services, we offer:

When your customer starts asking for RFID, you should call us. Allowing Spring Systems to be your RFID resource allows you to focus on what you do best, save money on wasted labels, and leverage our team to keep your staff focused on current operations.

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