[The Adventures of Integration Man Series]

The Adventures of Integration Man Series


01: The Covid Caper

02: The Covid Caper (Part 2)

03: The Item Overload Overlord

04: Introducing The Item Overlord!

05: Integration Man vs. The Item Overlord

06: Recovery and Beyond

07: CRMEDIERPPOS Attacks!!

08: CRM-EDI-ERP-POS Chaos!

09: Ea-Pee-Eye to the Rescue!

10: Ea-Pee-Eye Saves the Day

11: Integration Man Character File

12: Business is Picking Up!

13: Call for Help

14: What Are You Thankful For?

15: New Sales

16: Multi-Edit

17: SuiteNet ERP Integration

18: SuiteNet Part Duex

19: Case of the Missing Invoices

20: Vendor Becomes Retailer

21: Vendor Becomes Retailer Part Duex

22: Vendor Becomes Retailer Part Trois

23: Vendors, Vendors, Vendors

24: Are You OK?!?

25: Tediosa!

26: Drowning In Order Chaos


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Are you struggling to setup your online marketplace?  


Are you frustrated with how much work there is getting the product setup right?   

Wondering how you are going to keep your inventory up to date?


You may be experiecing ITEM OVERLOAD!!!


Integration Man can help!

- Marketplace Onboarding, Integration & Consultation
- Product Catalog & Inventory Management
- Purchase Order Management
- Best in class shipping tools
- Comprehensive Reporting

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